Time. For Snacks.

This was actually supposed to be lunch time but we wanted to save our appetites for something else in the area. But you know how things are in Vegas during the summer, burning and scorching so we opted for a poor attempt at staying indoors as long as we can. Seems like a great idea except we aren't the type who can tolerate the stuffy casino air. To get our minds off of this, the heat, and give our angry stomachs something, we dropped into Gordan Ramsey's Pub in Caesar's Palace.
English Ale Onion Soup. Yes, go ahead and call me an idiot for ordering hot soup in the middle of summer. I enjoy onion soups. I love French Onion so why not try out the English take on it. Has Welsh Cheddar Rarebit on it. The cheese is good but the soup and onions were actually quite sweet. Not something I would order often because I would rather had savory or something a little more balanced.
Mac n Cheese! Black truffle, gruyere, English cheddar, parmesan cheese with duck fat croutons. Oh my goodness those fatty fatty yum yum croutons. Gives a good meaty, savoriness to the dish. The cheeses were great. The pasta was traditional elbow pasta but I thought it was good. Always love and appreciate the earthy flavors that truffles provide. Get this dish ... assuming you aren't lactose intolerant.

Was this place great? Not really. Portion sizes were leaning on the small side. When you think about how much you spend, you can go else where for a little better quality and maybe even a little bit less money. But we were hungry and needed a temporary snack fill up. We would go back for the mac n cheese only. Try it if there is no line, you're hungry, and in Caesar's Palace.

Gordan Ramsey Pub & Grill
Caesar's Palace
3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Citrus. Cilantro. Beef

Lot of people do not like sour or tangy stuff. Lot of people dislike cilantro. Lot of people enjoy beef. Luckily, I'm not the type who fits in the first two statements, I'm actually the complete opposite. Those two components plus beef married between a soft sandwich roll. Hoorah.
Cute dog that was hanging around the shack. Yes, I said shack. They do have another location that's fairly close. This shack is something I like though. Get to chill out next to some construction zone by Berkeley campus, watch all types of characters eat next to you, watch people pass by. There's something different about eating outdoors in Northern California. Anyways, this dog was very nice ... and obviously wanted goodies.
Mango smoothie. I think it comes free with combos or add $1? It tastes mostly like ice with mango nectar. Free is good. Anything over a buck I would rather get something else to drink.
The infamous garlic cilantro lime sauce with tri-tip. I like it. Soft bread. Most of the meat is tender, some pieces were a little over done but eh. Some fatty pieces here and there but that's to be expected. Would I love filet cut pieces of meat? Well heck yeah ... but then it would cost a lot more. Just go get this sandwich unless you really hate citrus and cilantro. I like this thing. I think I will try to grab it when I go visit friends next time in the area.

Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe
2161 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704

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