Girl. Bistro.

Who is she? Brenda? Melissa? Nah, it's Vanessa. Hahaha, got rave reviews. And good thing is there is a second location in Walnut Creek. I believe the hours are better at this location because every time I went with my fiance they were closed. You hear a lot of things and expectations tend to get high for a place with reputation. This does not deter me because I walk in with no expectation. If it's good, score! If not, oh well, it just doesn't win my taste buds over. Vanessa's Bistro is not bad. There's some things I enjoyed. Other things that my tongue did not like as much. I will have to say it is a little pricey for the portion size. Fair warning though ... the establishment does stress the dishes as tapas.
One of my favorite dishes that I like to try. French Onion soup. Vanessa's has an interesting play on this dish. The onion flavor is okay, a bit more sweet. I assume this is an Asian thing. French is more savory. Asians have more foods with sugar. Was this dish good? It was okay. Not that much cheese and the puff pasty on top is a bit ... underwhelming and almost seems out of place. The reason I say this is because with heat the cheese flavors the bread (and soup); thus, adds a bunch of flavor. I would not order it again because it does not tickle my special spot.
There's the cheese. Not as much. Sad face. Maybe it's the glutton side of me. Love the cheese. Lust for the burnt, toasty cheese. Hahaha.
Filet Mignon Salad. This one was quite tasty. Vietnamese and French know their filet. Yum. Tender, juicy, with the savory garlic butter mixed with the crispy cool vegetables. Yum
Almost all gone. Haha.
Calamari. Although the calamari was tender and lightly battered, it does not strike me as something I must have. Nothing really screams spectacular. Tender calamari, good. Nice lightly grilled onions with some spice, good. So, I would assume the issue right now is with calamari itself. My fiance loved it. She loves fried goods. Hahaha.

Overall, this place is not bad. Go for Happy Hour, definitely more worth it if you want to give the place a try. If you do not like it at that price don't go back. Would I come back here again? Yes, well when I'm in the neighborhood and if there is nothing else around the neighborhood I want to eat but hell, there's a lot of good eats in Northern California.

Vanessa's Bistro 2
1329 N. Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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