Coffee. Breakfast. More Coffee.

I obviously haven't written anything so I figure the best way to start is with a restaurant I frequent weekly. Unfortunately, for some strange reason I only have a couple pictures of entrees. I'll start off from the best thing there. Coffee and service. The majority of the staff knows their beans and they want to spill it. They want to give you any information you want to ask about coffee. If you're a fan of Starbucks, you'll come here thinking a few of the following:

a) where is my cream/half & half/milk
b) where is my sugar
c) are there frappuccinos
d) why isn't my latte loaded with sugar and sweetener

I'll be honest. Starbucks is crap. I refuse to pay for that rubbish anymore; however, I do get some Starbucks gift cards on occasion and always hand 'em to coworkers or friends who get Starbucks because it's around the corner, down the street, in your nose, under your foot, and surprisingly there's a location hidden in the darkest regions of your pants. I didn't know anything about coffee but I realized my taste buds have grown a likely to a lot of different things. Coffee is one of them. I didn't know much about coffee, only that good coffee should be tasted without anything ... heck it's the purest form and you should be able to taste the beans. Intelligista Beans to be exactly. When I first started going to Sugar Rush they were carrying Intelligista Beans from New Guinea. Oh, light in acidity, slight sweetness, smooth going down. Since then there's been a lot of beans I've enjoyed. Whenever I pick up a cup of coffee I want some good pastries to go along with it. No pastries here though. Anyway, most recently they have the usual Black Cat, House Blend, and Ecuador. Ecuador is very good, I'd have to describe it as having a stronger acidity and hint of citrus. This Cafe has great coffee and if you're willing to give it a try in its raw form you might find you enjoy it and love it to death. If  not, just ask for soy milk/half & half/milk/cream/tofu paste whatever you like to put in there. The greatest part is they serve your coffee table side.
Here's a picture of their latte. Owner was nice enough to let me snap some shots. Very nice, social person. First photo is the shot of coffee that goes into the concoction
Here's after the milk & love is added.
Very nice. Everyone there takes pride in their "joe."

So the food. This place is open from 8AM-4PM and they serve breakfast all day. My favorite meal is breakfast so being able to get it late is great. I enjoy their french toast (not using the cinnamon toast). I've tried both and while the cinnamon toast is good, I guess it gets overly sweet after awhile. French toast doesn't get consumed in a barbaric manner as with other entrees. A side of sausage is enjoyed with the toast so I like to get the fresh fruit syrup on the side so I can dip the sausage and toast together. This starts a nice party in my mouth. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture of the pork sausages but they're decently sized (about inch in diameter and five inches in length), not too salty, have a slight crispness on the outside skin is tender and oozing with juices once you bite in. Yes, read that last line again then get the filth out of your mind. LoL. Besides that, I like the omelet that you get to choose with three toppings.
What else do I enjoy here? The Club is huge with fries piled high. But I haven't personally tried it nor the Roast Beef. I have tried the Chicken Spinach Melt and I enjoy it. My better half loves it. Spinach isn't that great cold but the sandwich is still good cold. Had it cold on a flight to Taiwan before and it was still really good ... way better than airplane food. Little salty, I'd assume it'd be the enhanced flavor from the chicken seasoning and the provolone cheese melting on it. Anyway, I'll just hurry up to what I have a picture of: BBQ Rush Burger (I forgot the name)
Probably my favorite lunch item. Very reasonable in price. $8.75 I think. Butter lettuce, lightly toasted buns, tomatoes, provolone, grilled onions & mushrooms, and a gentle squeeze of BBQ sauce. What I enjoy the most about this sauce is that it's not obnoxious in the sense that it's too sweet, tangy, or spicy. It's mild in sweetness, not much tang, and no spice. It just compliments the burger very very well. Can't go wrong with this. Their regular Bacon & Avocado Burger is good too but I enjoy this much more. Here's a picture of their Chicken Caesar with Bacon. I'm not a huge fan of Caesar salads but the dressing is a little tangy for my taste so I don't enjoy it that much but I hear a lot of patrons order it.
That's about all I have to rant about. When I go back I'll try and remember to bring my camera. One of the coolest things about the place is the free WiFi. You can relax like it's some coffee joint but there's food. I could imagine it cuts into their profits and it makes some customers angry because they have to wait but I think if you have the patience the staff will deliver you some pretty good food, great coffee, awesome service and a smile.

Sugar Rush Cafe
3900 Valley Blvd., Suite A
Walnut, CA 91789

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