Coffee? (Scoffffff)

This is where we found ourselves after finishing up at The Stinking Rose.
Friend suggested we just go up the street (about a block) to try out this little Cafe and get some coffee. Clean up our palates and get some sweets. Seemed pretty busy, lot of people outside (but I come to realize maybe it was for the Cafe right next door) and a couple people inside.

I realized not many places serve good coffee. Starbucks isn't good. Coffee Bean isn't too great either. Had their Brazilian Light Roast the other day, black, no sugar or cream. Acidity was low, not a very full bodied coffee and the beans were fried to hell. How do I know they went to hell and managed to come back in this dark liquid form, the bitterness that screamed "I was a decent bean whose family, along with self, were kidnapped, grounded, and burnt by scolding water temperatures only to have all our flavors stripped from us."

Back to what I LOVE to emphasize: service. Here's our conversation:
Me: "So what kind of beans do you use to brew your coffee?"
Man: "Illy"
Me: "Oh right, duh (finally realizing their little canisters with Illy written all over them)"
Man: (waiting with notepad)
Me: "Are there different types of Illy beans or you use the same beans for everything?"
Man: "Illy"
Me: "Okay ..."
Me: "I guess I'll try a cup of that"

Here's the coffee. Full bodied, high acidity, mild bitterness. Not great but better than Starbucks.
My better half and friend got the hot chocolate. It was fine. Upgrade from a packet of Swiss Miss. Didn't use great chocolate though but overall not half bad. Can actually taste the chocolate ... milk chocolate I think. Some mint chocolate chip gelato was also ordered and it was fine. Just nice to get a little bit of flavor on the tongue since The Stinking Rose was just superb ....

Would I come here again? Never. Would I suggest you visit? Sure why the hell not if you need some coffee, little goodies, and just so happen to be in the neighborhood. Do I agree with the Yelpers on this place? Hell no. 

Caffe Greco
423 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133

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