Italian Wrap. Thing.

So, a Piadine. What is it exactly? Well, I never knew so the best way to describe it is a wrap that you put together yourself. Get one order of fresh baked flatbread in front of you, some fresh chopped vegetables, a bit of grilled meat, and some sauce. Once in front of you put together in a fashion that suits your eating style. For my better half and I we tried to sandwich it or make a pseudo wrap. I've never had it and recommneded the Steak Piadine and we weren't necessarily hungry at the time so to-go it was! And I regret that I did not force myself to stuff my stomach and try this concoction during that given moment after shopping in Walnut Creek.
Opened up the to go box and the contents were nicely separated. Marinated steak that ended up being a bit over done because the steam overcooked the meat and we let it go cold since we saved this for dinner. Anyway, underneath is basically a bed of lettuce, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and cucumber dressed with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Pretty much it's grilled meat on top of a small salad.
I apologize, I was too slow and trying to get a nice picture of the meat by itself so didn't get to the flatbread before getting a little bit of ranch and meat on it. But wow, it was awesome. Not as awesome as my girlfriend though. She's a wonderful girl. Haha, she put together the Steak Piadine and was feeding me while I was taking pictures!
Look at her doing all the dirty work. I should be ashamed. Here's the vegetables placed on top.
And the great wrap/sandwich/Italian thing right before getting gobbled up by us. It was very satisfying. Not something you'd usually get at an Italian place. I like it. There's a slight tang from the vegetables dressed in the balsamic vinaigrette but it's complimented by the saltiness from the steak and the smooth cream from the ranch. The flatbread was a bit chewy but that was my fault since we got it to go. This dish is a bit big so if anything just cut the flatbread in half, separate the portions and save the other half for later.
Tiramisu. I love this dessert and insist on trying it wherever I go. I personally do not think their tiramisu is anything too special. I prefer mine with enough rum to tease the taste buds and not soak the finger lady cake. Tomatina's tiramisu is heavy on the cream, heavy on the rum and leaves the lady finger cakes soaked. Not much marscapone cheese from what I could taste. I can't say I'd recommend this unless you're really craving it or if this is the type of tiramisu you enjoy ... to each his/her own right?

Tomatina is pretty neat. It's like a better Olive Garden. I think it's a bit better than Pasta Pomodoro too but Pasta Pomodoro and Tomatina are both strict Northern California restaurants. If you're shopping there's plenty of options but considering Italian places usually have big portions, get one entree and share. I think it's worth it.

1325 N. Main St.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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