Burgers. Cool.

Oh Maui, how I miss thee. So one of the first nights my better half and I were here, we saw an interesting cafe and decided to go upstairs to try it for dinner. Why not? Burgers are always a fun thing to have. We double checked reviews just to see what might be good. Environment was very retro with bar stools and the checkered flooring. Pretty neat. There was a nice live band playing that night too.
Blackened Fish Sandwich. I don't fully recall which fish this was but it was pretty juicy. Blackened nice and spicy. Seasoned very well but the fish got cold pretty quick, but I'll attribute that factor to the heavy winds outside. Overall, I'll have to say it wasn't that bad but I should have just gotten a beef burger. For some reason I just thought I should reduce my red meat intake that night.
Bacon Avocado Burger. I thought this burger definitely had a lot more flavor than the fish sandwich I got. Juicy patty, generous portion, seasoned well.

I'd say the only major downfall of this place is that a small size of fries is not included with your order. Instead, we had to order a side of fries for a couple bucks (which I didn't take a picture of) but when you get the fries it'd be the equivalent of feeding a family of four. This did not sit right with me because we're paying decently high prices for these burgers but many other burger joints give a side of fries with the burgers. I am referring to those corporate chains like Islands, Johnny Rockets, Red Robins. As if you're losing much money by giving out some fries with the burgers. That was my only complaint though. Service was great, food was delicious (and hit the spot), and nice environment. If you're in Lahaina and craving some burgers, come here.

Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St.
Lahaina, HI 96761

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