Favorite. Breakfast by the Sea.

Oh man oh man do I enjoy breakfast. Get some sun in the morning, take in the fresh air. Only thing better is being next to the ocean, enjoying the scene and consuming some morning grub. My Better Half and I decided to try out this place for breakfast/brunch. The Gazebo. I do not recall the exact time we got there but we ended up waiting a good ... 30 minutes or so but I think if they had a large location (not in the back of a hotel), then they would be able to seat more people. The cooks and waitresses were just going at it, non-stop, dish after dish. Busy bees they were. We loved this place, it's worth the 30-45 minute wait, I think. Nice people, nice breeze, good food, big portions. Loved it. I think we came here twice during our trip. We wanted to go again but there were just a lot of other places to try. Next time we're in Maui, we'll be here.
French Toast. I like French Toast a lot. Their French Toast something you must get if you're remotely interested in the dish. Not soggy, not too sweet, great with the regular Maple Syrup and great with their Coconut Syrup. I didn't have too much of the Coconut Syrup to be honest because I don't like coconuts that much. Haha. Oh this was good, my mouth is salivating just staring at the picture.
Fried Rice with Spam. Okay, this definitely is not a normal breakfast or brunch dish but I saw a couple other people order this. It's massive (and this is the half order). Big enough to feed four normal people with normal appetites. Was it good? Yes! Nice and dry but still moist because wet fried rice would just be awful. I wish there was more egg chunks mixed in except for being on top but that's fine, presentation is a little better. Taste, not too strong in anything to be honest. Everything was faint except the pepper, that was distinct. After adding a couple dashes of salt throughout, a lot of the flavors were brought out. I suspect they refrained from excess salt and just leave the sodium compensation up to the Spam so it's fine but you know how there's times when you won't always get a piece of Spam on your spoon.
Got this for my Better Half for the side. Their country hash was pretty good. We opted for the sausage patties because we tried the links last time and they're good but why not try other things? Patty had a more robust burnt in taste. You know when fat & flavor get burned onto the outside? Yeah the good "cancerous" stuff. The one where you look at and debate whether you want the awesome flavor or risk getting bad things into your body. Either way, sausage is good. ("That's what she said"). Yes yes laugh it off. Anyway, about this, my Better Half lots to cut up parts of the sausage, cuts up a part of the French Toast/Pancake, dips a little into some maple syrup and then indulges. Mmmm, she has long since converted me. Before I used to just pick up the syrup and let the sugary goodness flow on top of those fresh warm surfaces. Then I just let gobble everything up like a beast from the trash can.

Man ... I want this right now. If you're in Maui, definitely stop by. Awesome people with an awesome view served with a side of great food. I wish the place was bigger but I'm sure they're keeping it small for a reason I love small places like these. By the way, I don't think it matters if you go a bit earlier or later (unless you're the first ones there) because there will be a wait. Enjoy!

Gazebo Restaurant
5315 Lower Honoapiilani Rd.
Lahaina, HI 96761

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