Cold Night. Add Some Soup.

I have been putting off updating for awhile because I wanted to just come home, be lazy, and stay a bit away from the computer. Haha, so anyway, I felt it was definitely time to update a bit on where I have been recently. There's more places that I went with my better half but I decided to just add this place first.

So, little background ... we already had dinner but I was craving the tomato pastry soup ... and it was very cold out that night in Yountville. Hahaha, so what is the best way to warm the body up? Yes, alcohol. Yes, fire. Yes, more clothes ... or no clothes *wink wink* Haha. Back to what I was saying, we already finished dinner but it was freezing and since I have not had this soup in quite some time I said "Tomato soup!"

End up in front of small intimate French bistro. Weekends are usually busy so as I open the door for my beautiful date I'm just telling myself "I hope there's space for a quick soup." And they did!
Waiter gave us some complimentary bread with some delicious butter. As you can see I was not able to help myself from the soft bread centers because one of the baguette pieces on the left is missing the middle portion. Little hard on the outside and soft, warm, and chewy in the center. Only a few pieces were eaten, I mean hell we already had our dinner no need to blow up.
Better half was craving some fries so here they are. Seasoned very well, sometimes a little too salty (and in this case it was but still tolerable and delicious). Usually we get the rib eye steak with the frites and bearnaise but pomme frites by itself is very satisfying. Who needs McDonald's? Oh yeah, not everyone wants to pay $6.50 for a large serving of fries. Haha.
The tomato pastry soup before digging in and destroying it. I love this tomato soup. Very very rich with lots of butter and lots of cream. Do you like tomatoes? Do you like puff pastry and all it's flaky buttery goodness? Do you enjoy your clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl? If you answered yes to any of the above then you must go and try this.
Aftermath. This soup is served in this awesome mini cauldron thing with lion/tiger heads on two sides and they just stick it in the oven and bake it until it reaches its destination: Splendidton. Be careful, this soup is hot when it comes out. Like I mentioned earlier if you like any of the above you need to try this. The restaurant is known for this soup. If you dislike tang then best not to give it a whirl since ... its a tomato based soup.  Yum, craving satisfied.
And a dessert wine for my sexy date. Asked for a sweeter wine for my better half because she wanted to try, got the Moscato. She took a couple sips and did not really want that alcohol taste on her taste buds. So ... it was passed on to me. Very good, aromatic, light fruit taste. Alcohol content obviously is not high and (for me) it was only noticed a bit before swallowing the wine. Leaves my palate very satisfied as a sweeter, dessert wine should. Although not full bodied, it was what I would want to end the meal.

Environment: very intimate and small as mentioned before. What else is a French Bistro supposed to give? The service is very good and attentive. I have never experienced problems with this place. Price, it is so so. I would say for two people without drinks for dinner probably $40-70. Just really depends what you plan on eating. Stop by this place for a quick bite or for lunch/dinner. Great place in Yountville.

Bistro Jeanty
6510 Washington Street
Yountville, CA 94599

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