Go Shopping. Get Breakfast.

Every Saturday Vallejo, CA has a very nice Farmer's Market in its Downtown. I love it, friendly farmers selling fresh produce and being able to try small samples of the fruits to make sure it's to the consumer's liking. Wonderful. Anyway, there's a little restaurant in downtown called Eladio's and I meant to try it last time but wasn't able to because of a prior engagement so this time around right before shopping, my better half and I thought to grab some breakfast here. Just share a simple sausage, egg and pancakes.
Was great. Sausage isn't as good as Sugar Rush but hell they're MILES apart. Eladio's makes everything when ordered and even though we waited a good while for our food because they were busy it was worth it if you're a little patient. I'm positive it would be better if they weren't busy but we'll have to see next time. I don't remember paying much but the service was nice, they made sure we were okay, asked if we needed anything else. Food was good, egg was over-hard but cooked perfectly so didn't taste like plastic. The pancakes were fluffy and has a good density that doesn't make you want to pick up your cup of water every bite. The place is a mixed kitchen, has Mexican food too but we wanted breakfast. Will have to try other things next time. Definitely head over here for breakfast if you don't want to cook at home.

Eladio's Restaurant
402 Georgia St.
Vallejo, CA 94590

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