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Guess this review is a long time coming. Found this gem with a great friend of mine randomly since I love gambling on new places. Whenever my fiance is around, I'd have to say we drop by this place on a weekly basis. I'm sure those of you who frequent Asian eateries enjoy boba ... more specifically honey boba. When we speak on honey boba usually the first thing that comes to mind is Half & Half. What goes hand in hand with Half & Half? A wait long enough for your shit to take a shit on itself. I value my time as a living human being. I cannot stand waiting for a boba drink for 30-60 minutes. Hell, I cannot comprehend why any person would. Back to the Cat-Inspired Cafe I was talking about.
This place has pretty good drinks but I like things less sweet and usually ask for less sugar. Anyway, Half & Half has their iced milk with boba and pudding. Yes, Half & Half does have pretty good boba but not always and depends on the location. But their pudding is crap. Tastes like it came out of one of those cheap packages you can get at a market. Meow Meow Cafe does their pudding some damn justice. LOVE the pudding. It's almost like flan.
They have this brown sauce that they add to it too. It's nice. With Half & Half it just starts tasting like milk when you eat up all the goodies in the drink. With this drink it's still flavored milk. Like I said I like half sugar but my buddy loves the normal amount. But he is not afraid of sugar. My fiance and I just went there yesterday to be honest. They have another drink, I believe it's #3 on the menu, Frosty Wintermelon with boba and pudding. Same idea as this except some blended milk with wintermelon tea. Wintermelon is very sweet by itself and the milk tone down the sweetness and make it smoother. Great drink also. If you don't want to waste time at Half & Half, definitely come here.

Meow Meow Cafe
3646 Nogales Street, Suite A
West Covina, CA 91792

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