Closed. Eats.

Man. Hahaha. I realized a couple things: a) I need to update faster b) I need to prioritize my posts ... somehow. Well, not much needs to be said but I was going to review a couple places. But they're closed. Walnut Creek Baking Company in Walnut Creek, CA, and a French Bistro that I cannot find the name of anymore. *Edit: Found it, Artisan Bistro* Don't need to say much since we will not get the chance to eat it again. I recall it not being too shabby but other things were not so great ... little bit of a let down. Anyways, my mistake. I suck.
Kurobuta Pork
 Bread pudding, eh.
 Funnel cake. Got tricked was not great.
Delicious carrot cake. But too many nuts. Who likes that many nuts in their mouth right?

Anyway, judging from the number of pictures in my Blog Pictures folder, I would not be surprised if there are more establishments that have since closed down. Sorry, at least I have the pictures ... memories ... sort of ... sad face.

Edit: I looked through my folders and found the restaurant in Lafayette.

Artisan Bistro
1005 Brown Ave.
Lafayette, CA 94549

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