Chain. Tacos.

Chain restaurants. What an annoying headache they are. I try my best to avoid chain places since quality of ingredients or processes usually gets trumped by the thousands/millions of dollars they're bringing in. Either that or they just taste like crap. All the fast food restaurants, sit down chains such as Cheesecake Factory, and franchised eateries. So back to what I was getting at, I like King Taco. I'm no expert in Mexican food but my taste buds let me know that this place is not too bad and I will not be required to run for the toilet hours after my meal.
Carne asada tacos. Small, snack size really. Real tacos aren't supposed to be huge anyways. I like these. Lots of onion and cilantro. I enjoy putting the red salsa on. Flavorful spice. Yum. I do have one little irk about this though. Since King Taco does get busy, I'm sure they end up just keeping the beef and once done it goes onto the steam tray. I haven't had many carne asadas where the meat was still juicy but King Tacos ... well ... some of those pieces can get jerky tough. At least the salsa provides some moisture. There's obviously better places in the Downtown LA for some great Mexican eats but I'll have to look into that when I'm in the neighborhood.
Tortas. I like this thing. Has some crumbled cheese, the bottom is slightly fried which gives good texture. So you get salty/savory, creamy, cool/refreshing (from the lettuce), spice from salsa (if applicable) and a crunch from the bottom. It is a bit difficult to eat and of course everything starts falling everywhere so make sure to hold onto that plate before you get some torta droppings on your clothes. Honestly, there is not too much to say about this place. They're very fast in service like a fast food joint but the quality is definitely better than some places and at least it is clean (from my experience).

King Taco
406 N. Mountain Ave.
Ontario, CA 91762

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