Vietnamese. Nearby.

This will be a very brief post. Close to where I live the choices for food are very slim. There's not a whole lot of variety. There's a ton of the larger shopping centers with all those typical crap chain/franchise restaurants: Red Robin, Mimi's Cafe, Islands. Nothing too great. The Vietnamese restaurants nearby usually disappoint too. I'll usually only go to the ones nearby if I'm hurting for it and I don't have a choice or don't have a car to drive myself to a better restaurant. When I do have a choice I drive some miles to the neighboring city to Pho Super Bowl. At least it's not Pho <insert number here>. The interesting about Vietnamese places when I've gone to Westminster is this: if there is a specialty (which is usually indicated in the restaurants name) then all the other entree items will suck. For example, if a place is known for their broken rice (the name will have something like Com Tam) then their soup noodles or noodles in general will be crap or average at best. But Pho Super Bowl does everything not too shabby. Not the greatest but above average for their Pho and rice dishes. Sadly, no broken rice here.
I tend to just get Rare Steak in my pho. Not too much lime, MSG ... I think it's pretty balanced. I like this place. Obviously, there's way better in Westminster or San Jose but both are far and when I'm hungry I don't want to take up so much time away from eating and digesting. Haha. I believe the regular bowl is $5.50 or so. Pretty fair price.
Charbroiled Pork with Egg Roll. Usually my chosen dish. It's good. I mix in a bunch of chili paste into the fish sauce. Yum. The only issue with this dish is the portion size; however, a lot of places outside of the Vietnamese community just do not slap on a decent portion of the actual charbroiled meat. I guess I can't complain since I should not be eating a lot. The other thing I like about this restaurant is the mom and pa feel of it. The owners are actually nice too. Go check out this place if you're want some Vietnamese food.

Pho Super Bowl
329 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
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P.S. Please forgive me for any typos. My Better Half is the one who usually points them out to me since she's a perfectionist but uh ... yeah she's busy so deal with my stupidity until she has time to let me know I need to fix stuff. Haha, thanks.


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