More. Ramen.

I assume there's more ramen places popping up near the Rowland Heights area and San Gabriel Valley which is good because I do not always want to dedicate the time and drive to Little Tokyo or wherever else. What can be said about Daikokuya ...? Big name, probably around these parts.
My girlfriend being silly. She's wonderful.
Little, basic, side salad/slaw thing. I think of it as slaw. The greens in there are mostly cabbage too so it's quite textured. The dressing is the usually Thousand Island variant. Better Half did enjoy it at the time. She tends to at least take a couple bites from it but I just leave it.
Fatty slices of pork. Delicious. Juicy and tender.
Katsu-Don pretty much. The shoyu/mirin mixture had a bit too much mirin. Was a little bit sweet for my liking but the actual pork was not over fried. Small portion so it's better, more room for ramen (if you have a big appetite) but better for sharing. My better half and I aren't gluttons so a combo with side fried rice or small rice bowl of some sort will leave us content. These bowls are good portion sizes for one person (or mild sharing in this case).
The ramen. Oy, what can I honestly say about this? Not too shabby. I hate, hate, hate the overpower and overuse of the green onions. Doesn't make sense to me because the broth soaks up the flavor. You don't get a good taste of the pork. Meh, that's why I just get the green onions on the side. Daikokuya has this other option for extra fatty broth. I forgot the name but that thing is heavy. *Edit: My Better Half just informed me that the fatty broth is kotteri.* If you love your pork essence, that is the one to get. Daikokuya, this location, is a-okay. I have heard the original Little Tokyo location is hands down, way better but I'll have to go there sometime to give it a judge. I like this place. I really really enjoy their rice dishes so yeah I would go back for either ramen or other things they have to offer. Swing by for your fix.

15827 Gale Ave.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

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